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Fuck Amazon Shopping Bag Design T-shirt - Free Shipping

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FUCK AMAZON! and now Etsy too!!!

The Internet has gone to shit and it's not just Amazon's fault, it's the nature of the beast, eBay and now Etsy too.

I had high hopes in the late nineties for a more open and educated future through the use of the internet for commerce and ideas, but due to the circumstances I am constantly reminded that things are shit and there is no easy way to dig myself out of this shitstorm. (continued...)F-ck Amazon!

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Let's start with shipping cost

The image shown here indicates the cost of shipping One T-shirt via US Mail is $5/each. This does not include packaging, tape, labels, labor or the cost of the t-shirt and printing. Not to mention overhead, administration, warehousing, damage, fraud, credit card expenses and taxes. Should I even dare to mention profit?

The average production cost of screenprinting a t-shirt, not including many of the expenses listed above would be about $5/ea on a decent t-shirt, assuming this is a labor of love. Again this is assuming that production and warehousing was managing with some scale, not huge, but more than making one t-shirt at a time. Usually a run of 6-12 t-shirts is a minimum production run. These are details, but an individual t-shirt requires a small investment in the inventory, which requires some organization and warehousing until the other shirts are sold. That's a part of doing the business, but waiting until a full batch of shirts are sold can be months or years depending on how successful the design is. The business is tough and if it wasn't for the fun nature of t-shirts its hard to imagine it as a successful business.

The shipping cost problem here is relevant because I feel that the expectations of the consumer, as a result of Amazon and now other companies like Etsy, has put the final nail in the coffin of this type of small-time enterprise. It is a common business practice for large companies to demand lower and lower prices from the suppliers they use and since Amazon has negotiated with the USPS for delivery of the products in an expeditious way, the prices for regular consumers have increased. This points to subsidies from the US Postal service and other shipping companies to these large distributors as they increase the rates and fees on individuals. Simultaneously the consumer wants the type of Free Shipping that Amazon Prime provides.

Even Etsy is now raising the profile of its sellers who offer free shipping and therefore if you don't offer free shipping you will be pushed lower in search results. The end result is additional sales for them and more commissions at the added expense of their sellers. Etsy and other companies don't make as much commission if shipping is charged separately. By building the price of shipping into the sales price another layer of gouging is created, and there is no way for the sellers to offset the price. Etsy is penalizing companies that charge shipping separate by lowering their position in the search results, in order to add to their bottom line. This just adds to the spiral of despair for internet sellers under the guise of competitive practices against the likes of Amazon.


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